About Us

Since coffee was first introduced to the consumer public in the 15th century, it has become the ‘must-have’ beverage of the world with 2.25 billion cups enjoyed daily – morning, afternoon and evening.

Locally owned and operated, Gold Roast Coffee honours the tradition by providing exceptional quality products to our customers. 

Espresso, the delicacy of coffee, made by forcing steam through finely ground dark roasted coffee beans is our specialty.  As per our commitment to our customers to choose only the best, we are an authorized wholesale distributor for illycaffé.  illy espresso is an exceptional quality product that will ensure you satisfaction in every cup.

To provide you with the ultimate coffee and beverage experience, our customized and convenient service comes complete with everything you need from equipment to maintenance to a wide range of coffee brands and flavours plus a selection of teas, hot chocolate and apple cider, all delivered to you.  

Whether office, school or restaurant, Gold Roast Coffee will cost-effectively tailor your package to provide your staff and customers with their perfect beverage for their perfect time of day.

Gold Roast Coffee Service, Ltd. offers a complete premium coffee and beverage service including supplies, equipment, maintenance and repairs.

Our story began in 1997, in Waterloo, Ontario, when we recognized that there was a need for a dedicated and reliable service to meet the needs of business establishments, whether offices, schools or within the food industry.

We continue to be locally owned and operated giving us the advantage of being able to provide you with expedient and personal ‘front-door’ service, within Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas.

We enjoy what we do.   We appreciate your confidence and trust in us to supply your staff and customers with the same top quality products that we would choose for ourselves.


Thank you for your business!

Gold Roast Coffee Service Ltd.
Proudly serving Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas since 1997.