ECM Technika IV Profi Switchable - Solid Build, Large HX Boiler, Rotary Pump, Plumbable

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The Technika IV-Profi is "Switchable" - loaded with almost silent Rotary Pump with direct water connection and water tank too so you can switch between either option just in case you want to plumb it in later. Switching between your water supply and the 3 litres water reservoir is accomplished with the flip of a very conveniently located switch on the bottom of the machine.

Having heat exchange (HX) technology at your disposal allows you, the home barista, to simultaneously brew your espresso and steam the milk. The robust, generously sized boiler of the Technika IV along with its proprietary Joystick style knobs accomplishes this feat easily and with no pressure loss. ECM have loaded the Technika IV; E61 grouphead, 2.1 litre heat exchanger boiler, incorporating the drip tray to be part of the frame, and a portafilter so perfectly balanced that it just becomes an extension of your hand. ECM has softened all the edges, taking the Technika V to the “showpiece” level of beauty. Additionally, the added design touches serve to absorb more of the noise from the already quiet rotary pump.

If you admire quality then your search is over. The Technika IV espresso machine will make you admire not only at the quality of its output, but at its breath catching sheer beauty. Sitting atop your counter, this espresso machine leaves no doubt that your next Ristretto will make you smile.