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Gold Roast Coffee Service Ltd.

Puly Grind Crystals (10x15g) Green Powder - Coffee Grinder Cleaner

Puly Cleaner are renowned for their quality and efficacy for the maintenance of your coffee grinder. The Verde Puly Grind Crystal is coffee grinder cleaner that is made from sustainable ingredients and gluten free.

  • Also work with coffee machines with built-in grinder.
  • Not need to change the burrs setting.
  • Removes oily deposits, mold and build up.
  • Absorbs and destroys rancid coffee oils .
  • Food safe
  • Gluten free, contains no binding agents or filler.
  • Made in Italy
The Puly Grind easily clean the oils or residues between the grinding wheels and prevent you from disassembling the grinding wheels of your coffee grinder each cleaning.