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Gold Roast Coffee Service Ltd.


This coffee machine detergent is easy to dose and handle. This cane contains 900g powder detergent and is reclosable. Put on tea spoon of the coffee clean into the blind filter of your machine and run the machine for a few moments. Clean and rinse the pipes afterwards with clear water. Change the blind filter against a regular filter and run the machine again until the watwe is perfectly clear.
The detergent is efficient against residues from tannins, oils and coffee fat. It is suitable to clean portafilter machines as well as regular coffee machines, cups and filter. Just place the cups into a sink filled with hot water and add some cleaning detergent. Leave small parts for about 10-20 minutes and clean as usual. We recommend cleaning tablets for the cleaning of fully automatic coffee machines. Wear gloves when using this powder and avoid contact with the eyes!

Content (g): 900 Form: powder
Applications: coffee machines, filter, cups